computer screen with video editing program running while Tania edits footage

From concept, to creation and editing, I can help you get your own voice and brand into video.
Below are some examples of video work I've done and we can discuss the best package for you.

Together we can tell your story, your way.

Examples of created videos/campaigns

Marketing campaign - Scribe Tribe (Inkpact)

Marketing campaign - FLE & ENZO rings

Marketing campaign - FLE & ENZO rings

Marketing campaign - FLE & ENZO rings

Storytelling knowledge at your service

Did you know storytelling is the primal way of sharing information and knowledge? And to this day, a good story, well told, is the best way to be remembered.

This is also true of your own message. Whether you’re a coach, a marketer, a copywriter, or indeed any other professional, you have most probably used storytelling as a tool (even if you were unaware of its power).

As an actress, I have over 13 years of professional storytelling experience, and I can help you take your message into video format and reach your audience exactly as you intend.

But what could you really do, Tania?

From the start, brainstorming ideas, creating a storyboard, filming or coming up at the editing stage, I can give your videos the professional treatment and deliver the results you’ve always dreamt.

Thinking of having an evergreen course filmed, and what to make sure it’s inspiring and compelling? Have a small business and want your products to shine like they are alive? Or do you just need your own footage edited? I’m here. For that and much more

Reach out to discuss the best way to approach your project! You can choose a bespoke package from the following competencies:

  • Consulting, Storyboard creation, shot lists;
  • Filming (steady tripod, handheld and gymbal work), b-roll;
  • On camera coaching, to help you be comfortable and your best self on video;
  • Lighting and sound;
  • Footage cull and editing


Bespoke pricing based upon fixed day/hourly rate to introduce video to your brand

  • Consultancy Learn how to use storytelling for YOUR business
  • On site Filming you and/or your products and letting the video shine for you
  • Editing Bringing that extra oomph onto the screen
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