Video feedback

Video Feedback

You've already done the hardest part: sat down to create and record your videos. But now you want more, you want to know how it *actually* comes across. I am here for you: honest feedback and a detailed audio and written pointers for you to either improve or confidently hit publish!

A fresh pair of eyes, with 12+ years of knowledge

You have a YouTube channel but your drop rate is high on the first couple of minutes.

You created some videos for your online course, but you are not sure they are actually engaging.

Your IGTV videos are not having the amount of comments you were hoping.

And all of this after you poured your heart and knowledge out.

Worry not! I am here to help you. You send me a link to your video and I will send you audio feedback on your videos, up to 15min of watch time (consecutive or not).

You will have specific pointers where change is needed and praise where praise is due. All of that accompanied by the audio feedback for you to listen and “see what I saw”

At £25 this is the easiest way to improve and become your true and better self online!

Is this video feedback malarkey for me?

I get it, you’re still on the fence. Don’t worry, I’m here to answer your questions and help you get more confident with your storytelling. So feel free to message me!

In the meantime, just to clear it up, this option is for you if:

  • You’ve already started creating videos and want some honest feedback from an “outsider” (not just your mom saying how good you look);
  • You have a set up created in your home/office for your recording and want to test sounds, lighting and check on the layout;
  • You have a script draft and you want to quickly put it on camera and see if it works.

Video Feedback

Audio feedback and written action points letting you hit publish with confidence

  • Online courses Make sure you are sharing your knowledge in the best way
  • YouTube Reach more subscribers by being yourself
  • Scripts Test your new scripts with an experienced actress
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