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Confidence & Storytelling

Helping you be confident and real, online and offline.

Well hello there! My name is Tania, and I’m an actress with over 13 years of stage and camera experience. I’m now taking everything I’ve learnt about confidence, telling stories, and being yourself in front of an audience, and helping you to shine bright with your video content!
Let's find out the best option for you!

1:1 Coaching


Feeling anxious about going live on Social Media? Not sure how to set up for your videos? Trying to structure your online course in the best way?
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1:1 Coaching

Over 60 minutes we'll run through pain points and solutions and you'll finish with an action plan and a step by step to be more confident on your storytelling and messaging

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Need help with editing your footage, or even creating your video from scratch?
I can help.
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Book a call and let's discuss the best way to incorporate video in your business/brand. From consulting, to filming and editing, together we can create your dream video content together.
Contact for bespoke pricing based upon fixed day/hourly rate

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Online Courses


6 week group course
New date coming soon
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Online Courses

From feeling camera shy and dreading turning your zoom video on to feeling like you are in control of all your video interactions!
More courses coming soon

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Video Feedback


You’ve braved the wilderness and recorded your video, but now you are worried it isn’t landing right and you’re unsure how you come across. Or you just need an outside eye to give you a straight, fair and true opinion.
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Video Feedback

Send me a link to a video you want feedback on, and receive detailed audio commentary and a summarised written paragraph, with clear actionable pointers.
Especially valuable if you are creating long form video, online courses or YouTube videos.

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— About Me

Well, hello there, nice to meet you!

I'm here to help you become more confident online and offline.

I’m an actress with over 12 years of professional experience on stages and in front of cameras and I am now taking all the things I’ve learned to help you bring your message to the world.

Learn to tell your stories confidently, coherently and cohesively with me.

You can book a quick free call today!

Tania Pais

Years of
on stage

Don't take just my word for it

Hear out what my lovely clients say about me.

"I thought the introduction session was super helpful and I am really excited to start implementing some of the tips you shared. I am sure I will be back for some more coaching and advice!"

Hajera Rahman
Chartered Accountant
September 2020

"I loved my session with Tania, I got so many great pointers about creating videos and getting my personality across as well as some lightbulb moments about the content. Tania is really warm and encouraging and it’s inspiring to work with someone who knows what it takes to create videos that will really engage my audience. Thanks so much."

Maria Coulter MRICS BEM
Construction Coach
October 2020

"Tania Pais is the person that can help you get in the front of the camera. What?! You say you haven’t the right equipment, have never done it? That is okay! She will help you from step number 1. Video is not going anywhere, why not just start. "

Co-Founder of SPSailing
January 2021
How does it work?

Simple Steps to Confidence

It all starts with a single first step.

Did you know that fear of public speaking is the number one rated fear? This means there are more people afraid to speak to a crowed room than people afraid of snakes. Or death!

So, you’re not alone. And I’m here to help you become confident about being seen, and heard!

Tell your stories, your way, confidently, coherently, cohesively and comfortably.

Ready to start?

There's no day like today.
So book a free 15min call and we can discuss how to get you on track to confidence online and offline.

Make a decision
You know you have a story to tell, your message is worthy of being heard, you want to feel comfortable and confident sharing it.
Contact me
Book a free 15min call, or use the contact form. Let's start this path into becoming more confident.
Begin your journey
Begin your journey to becoming the person you'd want to follow and listen to!

Get Instant Access to the
Free Course

How to Be Confident About Being Seen

A 5 day course to lead you to be confident on video, from Instagram to Zoom calls and finally creating that online course you've been dreaming of.
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